Indian Recipes 2015

Another year just went by, faster than we could think and a new year has come in. And it is time to look back at the past year and evaluate the goods and the bads - the goods that we can cherish and take with us into the new year and the bads, that we… Read More

cheese roll

Rolls and Wraps are one of my favorites. You might have observed that in some of my earlier posts on rolls. While I was staying in Delhi, Nizam's rolls used to be my favorite. One of the reasons why Nizam's was my favorite was because of the fact that I am vegetarian. Now if you… Read More

Masoor dal

Dal is an important part of an Indian Cuisine. Its a great source of protein for the people, those who are vegetarian. Almost all kind of dal have similar amount of protein. So it is recommended that you should have one serving in a meal. The recipe for today is "Masoor dal fry" which is… Read More

Christmas Giveaway

The year seems to be rushing through. We just had thanksgiving and we are almost into Christmas now. In a blink of the eye, we might just be sitting on the edge of the New Year. And what better way to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a few gifts. Enter the Christmas Giveaway sponsored… Read More

til ke laddu

Talk about "Til ke ladoo" and the first thing that comes to your mind is "Makar Sankranti". It is January and Winters are normally packing their bags to retreat. But the weather usually is nice with the slightly cool northern wind blowing. There are a lot of other festivals during this same time, with Lohri… Read More

las vegas

Las Vegas isn’t only known for its casinos; it’s also a haven for foodies as a myriad of cuisines can be found in the city’s restaurants. It is also home to a variety of eateries that specialize in preparing rustic Indian dishes. If you’re craving some authentic Indian food, then the below guide on "… Read More

Aval Varattiyathu Recipe

Beaten Rice Flakes (Aval in Malayalam and Poha or, Chevda in Hindi) is a favorite in most parts of India. You will find one or, the other recipes using this. In parts of Bihar, you will find it in Doodh-Chevda-Kela (combination of milk, rice flakes and banana), in Maharashtra it is in the form of… Read More

Happy Diwali

Before I say anything today................. First of all Warm Wishes to all My Wonderful Readers, A VERY HAPPY DIWALI!!!!!! :) :) :) May Goddess Lakshmi And Lord Ganesha bless you With happiness Progress and prosperity On Diwali and In the year ahead ! Dear Readers, this post is not about a new recipe, but a… Read More

Low Carb Vegetarian Recipe

One of the easiest ways to weight loss is to reduce your carbohydrate intake. It is these carbs that are the source of energy for your body. And when you reduce your carbohydrate intake, your body finds other ways to generate the required energy and for that the first thing that it looks towards is… Read More

aloo paratha

Aloo Paratha, White Butter, Achaar and Lassi - it is very unlikely that anyone would not have a watery mouth when they hear this combination. Come winters and this is a must-have at almost all road-side dhabas. I moved out of Delhi but could never let go of the 11 years that I had spent… Read More