Kuzhalappam Recipe


Kuzhalappam Recipe - This nice little snack that I am going to show you today is my husband’s favorite. He has a lot of memories attached to it. So I asked him to pen it down for me and here it is – Summer vacations were one of the most awaited for me and my… Read More

Bhindi Masala Curry Recipe

Bhindi Masala Curry Recipe

Bhindi Masala Curry Recipe - Bhindi (Lady Finger) is a vegetable that a lot of people do not like primarily because of the mucilage that you normally see in these species of plants. It looks like a slime and irritates a lot of people. But it is noteworthy that Bhindi is an extremely good vegetable… Read More

Kerala Style Potato Curry

Kerala Style Potato Curry

Kerala Style Potato Curry - I had posted the recipe for one of my favorite South Indian foods called “Appam” a few days back. The potato curry (urulakizhangu curry, urulakizhangu meaning potato in Malayalam) is a kind of stew that goes really well with Appam. Vegetable Stews are the favorite side dishes when it comes… Read More

I Used to Cry for My Shoes….


I often come across a lot of people who would tell me their stories of "STRUGGLE" and why this struggle is keeping them away from doing what they want in life. And these stories of struggles cover a wide range of topics from monetary problems and over-weight problems to family problems. I was no different… Read More


What is an anti-oxidant? Before I put it in simple terms, let us look at what the Wikipedia has to say about "anti-oxidants" - An antioxidant is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation is a chemical reaction involving the loss of electrons or an increase in oxidation state. Oxidation reactions can… Read More

Wet Coconut Chutney for Appam

coconut chutney

Wet Coconut Chutney for Appam - Coconut oil is one of the few foods that has been classified as “Super Foods”. Research shows that Coconut has a lot of benefits and so does coconut oil. Some research says that Coconut oil is good for heart and yet others say that it helps prevent obesity. All… Read More

Kerala Appam Recipe


Kerala Appam Recipe - When I first saw appam, I thought it was the same as Dosa. We in North India have always seen Idli, Dosa and Uthappam as the only 3 South Indian dishes. So, it was expected of us to categorize anything that looks like any of these 3, into one of them… Read More

Besan Ke Laddoo

Besan Ke Laddoo

  Besan (Gram flour) ka laddoo – my husband’s favorite laddoo. Strangely my husband is not a fan of sweets. He would safely ignore any sweet and prefer picking up a salty snack instead. But there are some (very few in fact) sweet dishes that he simply cannot resist and Besan ka Laddoo is one… Read More

Quick Fix on the Go Breakfast Recipes


Breakfast is always one of the most important meals of the day. It should be able to supplement vital nutrients and be the major provider of carbs for the day to keep your energy up. However unfortunately, most of us skip breakfast owing to our busy lives that makes it hard to even take out… Read More

Cabbage Paratha

easy cabbage paratha

If you have been a regular visitor here, you would have noticed that I am huge fan of Parathas. And I make Parathas out of anything and everything. There are 2 reasons why Parathas make for a convenient  option – firstly, I can avoid making a side dish (Sabzi) because Parathas tastes very good with… Read More