It is that time of the year, when the mood in the air is Festive and all around it is celebration time. I simply love this time of the year. The onset of winters in India and the beginning of Festivities, not just in India but around the world. With Halloween almost knocking on the door for our friends in the West, in India it is the beginning of a series of festivals. Ganesh Chaturthi just went by and now comes Navrathri. And then follows Diwali, the festival of lights.

Yeah, the mood in the air is that of Celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a Surprise Gift for our readers.

And that is why we thought, we will run a series of Giveaways and contests and this is the first of the series. You will see more coming in until December.

This month’s contest is for a FREE Tosaa Super-Deluxe Induction Base Non-Stick Frying Pan. This super deluxe Frying pan can be used both on Induction cooktops and Gas Stoves. With a superior quality non-stick coating and a 3 mm thickness, you can now cook anything that you want without oil. So that means healthy food, healthy family.

I bought this about 5 months back from Amazon and I was super impressed with it and that is why I thought of starting the giveaway with this nice and useful piece of utensil for your home.

So go ahead and join the contest. The Rules are simple. Just enter and follow the instructions below. Get as much points as possible. The person scoring the most points wins the contest. And there are 2 prizes. So remember you could still win even if you are not the topper.

PS: The contest is only Open to Indian Citizens. Also please check if Amazon delivers to your area. We will not be responsible for any problems in delivery or, if your area is not covered by the delivery services and hence you are rendered ineligible.

It was one of those days in Bangalore, when suddenly the evenings get dark. The Clouds gather and grow dark just like a huge mob waiting to vent out their anger on something that someone told them was not right. The sky tries to console everyone around but to no avail. Winds start to blow in their full strength as if to show the mere mortals on the earth, who was superior. And the mortals, go around with their normal work as if they just don’t care. All this will go on for a few hours. Then just as the angry mob would disperse, the clouds would go their way and the winds would calm down.

It was normal in Bangalore to see such a change in weather, if you happen to see a slightly warmer morning. The evenings will more often than not, see some showers that will cool the weather. And so, the evenings were something that I would always look upto.

I would love spending an hour on the terrace of my house is such a weather and look around for everything that is happening. You could see some people hurrying to get to their homes before it rains and yet others, who were prepared to get drenched calmly trolling around on the streets.

It was one such evening and I was enjoying everything around when I saw these 2 birds perched on top of a water tank about 2 houses away from mine. The wind was cold and blowing strong. People had difficulty holding onto their belongings and some clothes that were left to dry on some of the cloth-lines next to my house and were forgotten, decided to give up against the blowing wind and go with it.

But these 2 birds were sitting strong. I could see the wind pushing them off from the pipes that they were sitting on, yet they held strong and sat there. Both of them, for each other.

The wind kept on with its show of strength but the birds did not move. They were determined to stay together and find against the adversities. They were stronger than the wind because they were together – always there for each other.

Finally, after about 40 minutes, the winner was decided. It was them – the 2 of them. The mightier Goliath had lost again. The wind stopped and the weather calmed. They were still there sitting next to each other.

I was inspired.

Togetherness is about being there with the ones who need you the most, in adversities. And it is this togetherness that gives strength to each other to fight the adversities.

I couldn’t let go of the moment and captured it in my camera. I hope you all like the view of this through my lens.

together in adversities

PS: This is an un-edited image available for sale. Please contact me if you wish to buy this picture. Unauthorized usage of the image is strictly prohibited.

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