How to Start a Food Blog – A Complete Video Guide

how to start a food blog

I have been a blogger for about 8 years now. And in this course of time, I helped numerous people with starting a blog. While in most cases there is nothing special that you need to start a blog, starting a food blog is a little tricky because you need to be prepared with a few equipments like a good camera, some photo editing tools, photography tricks and so on.

So, when we are asked the question, “How to start a food blog?”, which is one of the most common questions that we get asked, it becomes a little difficult to respond to it in a single sentence.

After a lot of thought, we decided on putting together a complete video guide that is a complete walk-through on how to setup food blog. Finally the guide is ready and you can access it free here.

While there are a lot of other guides available on the internet, we decided to put a video course together primarily because of 2 reasons –

  • Video guides are easy to understand and follow
  • You are be free of the pain of reading thousands of texts and watch these videos whenever you want because all of these videos are hosted on Youtube

In this guide, we have taken care of showing every tiny aspect of setting up a WordPress Blog. Unfortunately for people who wish to get started on Blogger, some aspects might be a little irrelevant. But don’t worry, we will be setting up a guide for Blogger as well.

Some of our readers wrote to us asking, “Why WordPress?”. Because it is the most used blogging platform and one of the most robust and sustainable one. You have complete control and flexibility on your blog and don’t have to bother about some site taking down your blog because they did not like your content.

Essential Tools to Start a Food Blog

Food blogging is very exciting, especially if you are a good cook and love food. If you love cooking and spending time in your kitchen, it becomes easy for you to manage your blog, because ultimately your blog is going to be full of recipes.

There are some absolute essentials required to get started with your food blog.

Good Hosting

We just cannot stress this point enough. The success of your blog depends upon a good hosting that has a strong security system, reliable uptimes and simple to use interface. It is hence that we recommend Bluehost because we love them and their service.

Beautiful Theme

The theme is the front end of your blog. It has to be beautiful and should reflect your personality. It is recommended that you pick a theme that matches your thoughts and ideas. While you can use a FREE theme just like the one we are using here, a good premium theme can be another choice.

We are migrating to the Genesis Framework and are waiting for our custom child theme to be built. We also recommend Genesis, because that is the theme that we use on most of our blogs. You might want to check out the Foodie theme, if you are okay to shell out some money for a good theme.

Easy Recipe Plugin

Pinterest is our biggest source of traffic and is the same for most food bloggers. In order for your recipes to appear as a “recipe” on Pinterest, there is a specific markup that you need to follow. There are some specific codes that need to be inserted into each of your recipes. Similarly for your recipes to appear as a “recipes” on Google, there are yet other codes.

Easy recipe is a plugin that inserts all of these automatically into all of your recipe posts. In addition to all this, it makes your recipes look beautiful and in an orderly fashion. It also gives the readers an option to print out the recipe for future reference.

It is hence that we recommend that you install this plugin in your food blog. If you start right from the beginning, you can avoid a lot of edits that you will have to do later, if you choose to install it at a later time.

Check out Easy Recipe Plugin here.

A Good Camera

You will need some nice and appealing pictures of your recipes. A good point and click camera should be more than enough. But if you have a good smartphone with a high quality camera, that should also work.

We use a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Smartphone) and a Fujifilm Finepix S9600 for our photography needs. If you are looking for a good camera, we recommend the Nikon Coolpix S5300 which is a high quality point and shoot camera.

A Good Tripod

In order to shoot a good picture, your hands need to be steady. Especially if you are doing macro photography or, want to close in on something to shoot it from real close, then a steady hand is extremely important, to prevent camera shake.

It is here that you will need a nice tripod for your camera or, smartphone. We recommend the Joby Gorillapod Tripod which is a cost-effective solution to this.

Putting it all together

Now that you have all of it, all that you will need to do is put it all together. And that is very simple. It just takes a simple decision to go do it. So, go ahead and kick start your food blog.

Don’t forget to document your journey as you go through the ups and downs. It will be an interesting read at some point later. Do let us know your thoughts about this post and our food blogging guide.

If you have any other questions on “how to start a food blog”, do write to us and we will be more than happy to help you..

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